A reliable phone system starts with reliable wiring. CSI can provide it faster, for less.
Your phone system starts behind the scenes, literally, behind the walls, with the wiring and cabling. CSI brings the same expertise and hands-on involvement to this aspect that we bring to all our services.

CSI’s experience in wiring and cabling gives us a competitive edge over other cabling companies.

- We comply with the requirements of equipment vendors.  
- Every technician on each project is highly experienced and CAT 6 certified though their individual companies.
- CSI’s union affiliations with Local 3, CWA and IBEW, allow us to work comfortably within the sometimes hostile union climate of the tri-state area.

Most important, a project manager not only surveys and supervises each job; he/she also works the job to guarantee the work your company expects.  Any information you need or want to input to the job can be handled directly by the project head on site.  

CSI offers certified installation using Ortronics, Siemon, Leviton, or Krone.  We can install both pre-polished or lap and polish connectors. Our other services include:

- Voice-Data cabling, testing and certifying
- Video cabling, terminating and testing
- Rising cabling, fusion splicing, testing and certifying
- Cement patching and fire stopping
- Survey, documentation and testing of network cabling

CSI now also offers a wide variety of fiber optic installation services.  Running, terminating, testing and certification of the different applications of fiber optic cabling are the most recent additions to CSI’s full service capabilities.

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