Your company’s success relies on its phone system, so make sure you’re using the right one.
The right voice platform can have a huge impact on the productivity and efficiency of your company – that is, if it’s properly designed and utilized.  All too often, business objectives are not well met because of improper programming and use of voice equipment.  

CSI places the utmost importance on the overall selection and programming of your voice system. We carefully evaluate our suppliers to make sure that they deliver systems  to our clients in a timely, efficient manner.

Many vendors are not properly authorized by the manufacturers, or use technicians that are certified to work on the equipment while the business itself is NOT authorized.  CSI, on the other hand, brings all its experience and a competitive bidding environment to each system reviewed by your company. We work with pre-screened preferred vendors in the market, phone system manufacturers such as Avaya (Formerly Lucent), Nortel, Toshiba, NEC and Cisco, who only distribute their products through authorized vendors.  

Here’s a general outline of CSI’s review & selection process.

1. Business Objectives
    a. Strategic Objectives
    b. Operations Requirements
    c. Financial Considerations

2. Needs Analysis
    a. Feature Requirements
        i. Main inbound
        ii. Voicemail
        iii. Call Distribution
        iv. Call Accounting
        v. Sub-Tenant Management
        vi. Analog Centralization
        vii. Branch Office Integration
        viii. VoIP Integration

3. RFP Generation
    a. Bid Specification
    b. Review & Leveling

4. Provider Selection
    a. Level Bid Manufacturer Comparison
    b. Vendor Evaluation
        i. Technical Manpower & Equipment
        ii. Quality of Service Cost Analysis
        iii. Corporate Financial Analysis

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