With CSI, your move will get the attention and upgrading it needs.
CSI brings together important technology segments and perspective that very few others can match.  With decades of experience in Telephone, Internet and Structured Cabling Equipment & Systems, we deliver the most value in a timely and simple manner.

CSI packages all the components of your network, including local connectivity access and phone systems. From the start, we become intimate with your unique requirements and develops prioritization schedules alerting you to important next steps and how they relate to your time frames and target move date. Our facilities based approach follows the wire from your desk all the way to the Central Office serving your building.  

CSI will move your network in three phases:

- Strategic planning and recommendations
- Phone System bid coordination
- Installation Management and cut-over

CSI analyzes your current infrastructure and determines what you might be able to replace, then provide a list of options that fit within your budget and your overall business objectives.  After working with an extensive list of preferred providers, we’ll work with selected providers to ensure that your system is properly installed in your new location.

CSI can also accommodate your upgrade and expansion initiatives, and we work with large-scale enterprises on larger projects.

Large-scale enterprises need more resources – CSI can provide them.

Relocating a large-scale enterprise is, not surprisingly, a greater challenge due to the size of the project – and ultimately the cost. CSI’s services make the whole process flow more smoothly – for less money.

CSI’s relationships with all the "best of breed" companies enable us to bid all aspects of your project, from cabling and wiring to telephony and Internet at lower costs. And, unlike other firms that only provide consultations, CSI oversees the installation and implementation of your system, ensuring quality and reliability from every provider.

CSI also help you manage communications expenses and will even perform an audit of your current system to make sure you have the capabilities that will benefit your company most at the best possible value.

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Upgrade or Expand Your System with CSI

Even companies that aren’t relocating, but simply want to expand or upgrade their systems, can find great value in CSI’s comprehensive approach.

When your system needs to change to fit your changing business, CSI can perform a comprehensive and objective analysis of your current systems, then recommend the components and providers that best suit your business objectives. We’ll also work with the providers to make sure you get exactly the products and services you need.

Times change, technology changes, and our business will change as well. CSI can make sure your systems evolve in the rght direction.

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