Billing mistakes happen all the time – CSI catches more of them and saves you more money in the process.
Almost 85% of all companies’ providers have billed them incorrectly in one way or another.  This adds up to a lot of wasted money each year. One of the best ways to decrease overhead and save money is to review your existing telecommunications infrastructure for these mistakes. CSI can do it for you.

CSI provides assistance with a no cost, no risk evaluation. We can help you streamline one of the most difficult aspects of your company’s cost control. We manage the process of recovering lost dollars, and making sure you don’t overspend later.

At CSI, we

- Analyze of past voice, Internet and data charges
- Negotiate with carrier for credits
- Develop and implement cost saving strategy going forward(request competitive analysis)

We make it easy for your company to request an audit. Just send us :

1) One Month (last month preferably) of Local, Long Distance, 800#’s and Internet Service.  Entire Bill is necessary (Front and Back of each page) for EVERY ACCOUNT please.

2) Signature on Client Agreement attachment.

3) Signature on Letter of Authorization on Company Letterhead.

4) Fax or send the entire package to:

Connectivity Services, Inc.
15 West 26th Street
New York,  NY   10010
Fax: 212-689-7549

How much money could you save from an audit from CSI? Here are some success stories to give you an idea.

Large Accounts:  Monthly Recurring Bills: Over $ 6,000.00

- NYC Board of ED. $211,000.00
- Winthrop Hospital  $140,000.00
- Eastern Suffolk Boces  $170,000.00
- Adelphi University  $80,000.00

Medium Accounts: Monthly Recurring Bills: $ 3,000.00 – $ 6,000.00

- H.Verby  $70,000.00
- Khami Fashions  $50,000.00
- Extreme Color  $20,000.00
- Refined Sugar Inc.  $43,000.00
- Cherry Lane Music  $18,000.00

Don’t wait to start saving money – contact CSI today!


Letter of Authorization

Client Agreement




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